“CHAINON” = “Chain of Happiness” “Connecting/Linking Happiness”

Subtitle is “Coffre à Jouet with HAPPINESS” is a mix of French and English and means “A toy box filled by happiness.”


“Prevention” is the main theme for this website

“What can be done to enjoy activity, exercises, and sports safely”

“What we can do to build injury-free body”

“What we can do to always demonstrate 100% performance during activity”

CHAINON suggests and answers these questions above based on a variety of researches and studies as well as my experience as an athletic trainer.  

Posts in CHAINON is written for athletes who cannot find athletic trainers, student-athletes who participate in club activities, parents who support student-athletes, head coaches, assistant coaches, and managers for the club activities, and student athletic trainers who learn athletic training and desire to be a professional athletic trainers.  

At the same time, CHAINON also wants to provide knowledge and technique for athletic trainers and other medical professionals.


For children. For players. For athletes. For teams. For yourself. 

I am very happy if my knowledge, techniques, and experience help you grow and make your dream come true.  

CHAINON wants to not only write about athletic training and sports medicine, but also introduce my favorite books, website, and words.    


I would like to make a chain of happiness as well as connect and link the happiness.


【CHAINON administrator】Atsushi Yamaguchi