Special Tests for Shoulder Injuries〜Part 2〜

The same as the last time, special tests for shoulders that have been frequently used by orthopedists specialized for shoulders are introduced. I believe that all athletic trainers should know them.

This posts focuses on special tests that identify rotator cuff injuries. 


Special Tests for Shoulder Injuries 〜Part 1〜

In order to check which tissues (muscles? tendons? ligaments? bones? or cartilages?) are causing pain, doctors (orthopedists), athletic trainers, and other clinicians listen to patients’ talk about their pains/injuries, palpate the spots, and/or utilize x-ray and MRI to specify injured parts. One of the ways is to perform “Special Tests.”


Effective Exercises for Gluteus Maximus and Medius Muscles


It has been said that glutes muscles are the strongest muscles our body has.  Your performance or movement could be getting better if your glutes muscles, especially gluteus maximus and medius, can be used well during movement or activity.